3.5 x 35mm Solid Wood Flooring Screw. Qty. 500

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  • Brands SPAX
  • Product Code: 35703503203011

The ultimate screw for laying solid floorboards and wood flooring. Due to the special screw geometry including the SPAX CUT-point, timber splitting is effectually reduced.

The distinguishing screw point ensures an immediate grip, cutting ribs enable sinking, and the small 60° milling head allows the flooring screws to pull into the material immediately.

Perfect joining of tongue and groove.

The special characteristics of the SPAX flooring screws:

  • Small 60° milling head
  • Partial thread
  • SPAX ground serrations
  • SPAX T-STAR plus T10 recess
  • SPAX CUT point
Length 35mm
Thread length 20mm
Bit size T-10
Head width 6mm
Material WIROX

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